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August Flower Garden Snapshot

So many of you ask me what I'm growing in my cut-flower garden. We live on a humble third of an acre with three raised beds and lots of little borders and beds sprinkled throughout the property. August has brought a bounty of color to our garden and the butterflies and honeybees are going wild. Not pictured here are my very first dahlias which are just on the cusp of blooming (and oh my, I'm in love).

Everywhere I go, I'm scouting my neighbors gardens and the beautiful things I want to try to grow next year. If you're planning your own cut flower garden think about incorporating a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and textures and don't forget interesting greenery! Having a unique variety of cut flowers will give your home arrangements a personality all their own.

What's your favorite August flower in your garden? Share below or post a picture to our facebook group

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