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Understanding Wedding Arch Flowers

You're planning your wedding and you finally decide you want to be married under a cool modern pipe arbor. But something is missing...

Plain arbors and arches can look lackluster on your special day, so we recommend softening whatever structure you're using with some flowers, greenery or fabric.

Here's three ways to plan your look:

1. Top down

wedding arch flowers
Photo by Melani Lust Photography 2021

Top down decorating means concentrating the bulk of your materials at the top of the structure.

wedding chuppah, blue flowers
Photo by Sarah Merians Photography


  • dramatic focal point for photos

  • romantic feel

  • traditional


  • difficult to repurpose

  • gravity can make things drippy or fall out in windy conditions

  • more expense because of ladder work

2. Bottoms Up

wedding arch, round, flowers
Photo by Yours Truly Media

Bottoms up decorating involves placement of the flowers to appear as if they are growing up from the ground

bride and groom, winter wedding, modern flower arch
Photo by Ana Ivanova Photography


  • Sometimes detachable and can be moved to another location after ceremony

  • organic, modern

  • more cost effective


  • harder to see in photographs

  • reduces standing room around arch

3. Try both!

The best of both worlds. For an assymetrical vibe, incorporate elements on the top and base (even the sides!) of your arch

wedding arch, hexagon, white flowers, bride with white bouquet, modern
Photo by Here With You Photography

bride and groom, hexagon arch, fall wedding, flowers
Photo by Dear Heart Photography

Got questions about your arch decor? Ask away in comments or send us a message

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