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Flowers in Season: June

Incorporating seasonal favorites into your wedding or event is a great way to capture the beauty that nature has to offer each month

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Flowers in Season: June

June was for many years the month to be wed, but has since been outranked by September and October. It's a busy month in the garden with many varieties bursting to life as temperature start to heat up. While May is a month for soft gentle flowers and colors, June packs more punch and says "hey, its summer, let's party!" Our featured blooms this month are bright and bold, even a little bit sexy (for a plant). We're sharing a few of our favorite stems to inspire your June nuptials and help you select some of the amazing offerings nature brings this time of year. Selecting in-season flowers will help to give your event a cohesive look and maximize your wedding flower budget.

Here are a few of our favorites:



Lisianthus adds a flirty, feminine touch to any arrangement with it's trumpet-shaped skirt and teardrop buds. Often mistaken for a rose, these long stemmed lovelies play both elegant and whimsical and come in a range of pink to purple to champagne/cream hues. Available in single, double, mini, and frill varieties to meet all your ruffley needs, we love using lisianthus in everything from bouquets to boutonnieres.


Pantone's Color of the Year for 2020 was Classic Blue and since then we've seen an explosion of blue popping up in weddings. Everything from tuxedos to chinoiserie vases are getting the blues. Since every bride wants her "something blue," this puts florists in tight spot as blue is the rarest color in the flower world. Tweedia is one of the rare flowers that comes in a soft natural blue shade. It's tiny star shaped blossoms are so stunning it's no wonder they're becoming a bridal favorite.


We love to grow snapdragons around here and it doesn't feel like summer without them. Named for their dragon-like jaw (which you can squeeze to open and makes a great party trick), this is a great linear flower for adding tons of height to an arrangement. Snapdragons are phototropic which means they grow towards the light, often giving them a curly or crooked tip, but we think this only adds to their charm. Available in soft pastel pinks and yellows through rich purply burgundy, orange, and hot pink, snapdragons are fun and give a vibrant feel to any June event.


The huge tissue paper heads of Icelandic poppies coupled with their gangly long necks make them a bold and colorful choice for a June wedding or event. These flowers take a great deal of care and handling to make it from field to florist so it's always preferred to use a local grower when incorporating them into a design. Icelandic poppies are most popular for wedding work because they can survive the longest after being cut. We think it's their pink lemonade palette of color options that add a floaty boldness that demands everyone's attention.

Dusty Miller

We couldn't wrap up this June lovefest without mentioning one of our most requested summer greenery. Dusty Miller is a sued-like leaf with a silver fuzz that adds a luxurious softness. It is used so often in wedding work because it allows the colors of other focal flowers to shine. The muted sage green doesn't compete as a dark green foliage does, so dusty miller is a great choice for adding a chic touch.

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