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Flowers in Season: May

Updated: May 9, 2023

Incorporating seasonal favorites into your wedding or event is a great way to capture the beauty that nature has to offer each month

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Flowers in Season: May

Like spring buds in May, couples are bursting to be wed in this popular month. It's no wonder, flowers lovers know that May brings an abundance of beautiful and often locally grown goodness. Our featured blooms this month include feminine, ruffled focal flowers as well as sweetly perfumed accents. We're sharing a few of our favorite stems to inspire your May nuptials and help you select some of the amazing offerings nature brings this time of year. Selecting in-season flowers will help to give your event a cohesive look and maximize your wedding flower budget.

Here are a few of our favorites:



In the land of flowers, peonies reign supreme with abundant "gowns" of ruffles and sweet, light perfume. Available in feminine shades of white, cream, yellow and soft through hot pinks, plus ruby red, there is little other bloom that so invokes the spring feeling like peony. In the northern U.S. peonies bloom from May-June. The blooms are available from Canada and Alaska through the summer months but these divas don't like extreme heat past memorial day so use caution if having an outdoor event. Check out our favorites Coral Charm and Bowl of Cream.

Sweet Peas

The elegant stems of sweet peas make them a bridal favorite. Light, airy clusters of ruffles in delicate pastel shades coupled with a truly sweet, fruity fragrance (I personally think they smell like fruit loops) are the epitome of spring loveliness. Each stem adds playful lightness to any arrangement and they're a perfect choice for bouquets. Available in pastel shades of lavender and pink as well as bold designer shades of yellow, deep purple and red.


Don't adjust your screen! These mini heads of flowers are not hydrangea. Florists love vibernum because it offers the same round heads as hydrangea but in a mini. The thick woody stems also give these blooms better staying power out of water (aka no wilty bouquets). The bright green pairs beautifully with spring color palettes and the bouncy heads create a unique and romantic feel.

Lily of the Valley

The lily of the valley is synonymous with the month of May and it's Latin name majalis even means 'of May'. The pearl-sized bells of these delicate stems are a favorite among the royal family and their scent is even used by expensive perfumeries. A touch of lily of the valley is said to bring you luck so tuck a stem or two into a grooms boutonniere or bridal posy.


The romantic, feather like texture of astilbe makes it the perfect choice for spring events. They're like soft little arrows pointing at your heart! Light airy shades of pink, peach, and fuschia give an eye-catching addition to centerpieces when paired with other wildflower favorites. In our studio, we utilize little bits of astilbe whenever we can because they give a great rustic feel and pair beautifully with silvery sage greenery such as eucalyptus and dusty miller.

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