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Flowers in Season: December

Incorporating seasonal favorites into your wedding or event is a great way to capture the beauty that nature has to offer each month.

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Flowers in Season: December

Ahhh December....'tis the seasons for all things red, green and white. But how do you capture the essence of the winter solstice without looking like you stepped out of "It's a Wonderful Life?" Answer: Rich hues of burgundy, crisp winter whites, and even soft hues of pink with some southern evergreens are sure to feel special. December is also a time for luxury favorites, sweetly scented and reflective of the abundance of the season.

Here are a few of our favorites:



Deep green leaves are tipped with burgundy in the 'safari sunset' variety of this long-lasting favorite. Leucadendron comes in several varieties ranging from chartreuse to coral. It makes a great complement to softer December evergreens with its smooth flat leaves and subtle conical blossoms. Try the 'jubilee' variety which resembles tiny pine cones for nod to the holidays.

King Protea

Literally, the king of all flowers, the King Protea is a winter statement maker. A huge white fuzzy center is surrounded by a crown of pointed pink petals that look as if they've been frosted with ice. Who says you can't use tropicals in December? The large size of this flower makes it beautiful on it's own or paired with classic favorites like roses. A flower fit for a king (or queen!).


It wouldn't be December without talking about evergreens! It's hard to pick just one favorite in this category. Each has it's own unique texture and scent. We love leyland cedar for it's beautiful drape, ponderosa pine for it's long, flowing needles, and cypress for it's unique rustic feel. Use 1-3 varieties together and you get a look that feels like a walk in the woods.


Anemones have a vintage vibe and are as classic as the black tuxedo. The traditional black and white color makes it a perfect pairing for dramatic weddings and it's also available in lipstick red, a bluish purple, and magenta.

Star of Bethlehem

Blooming from it's base are delicate white stars that climb their way up the stem of this classic white beauty. The lime green points add a nice pop to any arrangement that needs a breath of freshness in the cold winter months. A cool-weather member of the lily family, Star of Bethlehem is reminiscent of the Christmas season.


This time of year stephanotis vines are gifted all over the world for their beauty and sweet scent. Also known as Madagascar Jasmine, the blossoms are a bridal bouquet favorite. However, these tiny little blooms must be individually hand-wired which makes them a more lux flower choice.

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