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Where to Eat in Milford, CT: Our Best Recs When Visiting Our Shop

We get lots of visitors through our doors this time of year for consultations, pick ups, drop offs, as well as participants in our classes and workshops. With that, we're asked all the time about where we recommend to grab a bite. Fortunately, myself and our staff are excellent scouts of the best bites in Milford, CT and we're spilling the tea on our recommendations. Be sure to bookmark this page if you're planning a visit soon!

Favorite Snack Spot

If you're looking for my husband on the weekends, he's very likely at this bakery. If you consider yourself a connoisseur of carbs, this is a must visit. Delicious coffee drinks and of course, scratch made everything.

Our favorite is the fresh baked ciabatta bread, GIANT cinnamon scones and croissants. If the weather is nice, I like to grab a butternut grilled cheese or their house salad and walk across the street to the Milford green for little lunch picnic.

GF and vegan options

Best Pizza

Colony is not your average pizza place. Inside you'll find a packed house of devoted followers of the thinnest, crispiest slice of pie in the area. Colony makes one things and they do it well.

Be sure to try their famous hot oil pie if you like spicy. I'm a big fan of their salad pizza because it's a cool and refreshing bite before I dig in to the molten hot cheesy pies.

Favorite Quick Service

When I want something fresh and delicious that won't make me feel greasy and gross after, I go for a poke bowl. Natural Kitchen has an amazing poke bar where you can choose from an array of toppings for your salad or rice.

When I visit I must get a honeydew bubble tea, because I just love those chewy little bobas and also they use dairy free milk!

Natural Kitchen is across from City Hall and a very pretty spot by the waterfall.

Favorite Date Night

Strega is exquisitely done, "fancy" italian food. They have amazing service, like the kind where you actually want to leave your waiter a good tip.

I hate to put 2 pizza places on this list, but Strega pizza is Neapolitan style and it's so buttery soft it melts in your mouth. Try the cacio e pepe or anything with the burrata cheese on it. Chef's kiss!

Best Fun Night Out Spot

If you haven't tried hot pot yet, you're really missing out. Your futuristic looking table has a hot pot built right, complete with fancy controls to raise and lower your ingredients.

Choose your broth base and ingredients from a giant list of vegetables, noodles, seafood and meats and then cook them yourself in the steaming broth.

My husband and I are adventurous eaters and we've had so much fun here trying new things. Best of all, this place is just a few feet from my favorite Asian grocery, G Mart. Explore the aisles after your meal and pickup some exotic ingredients for your next date night in.

Honorable Mentions

Best Burger - Plan b

Best Ice Cream - Walnut Beach Creamery

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