5 Easy Ways to Go Natural in the New Year

Updated: Mar 9

If you're like me, after Christmas the winter blahs hit hard. All the holiday decor is put away and sometimes its difficult to look forward to the next blizzard or deep freeze in the forecast with giddy excitement. A great way to beat the blahs is to bring a little bit of the outdoors in. If you can't be outside (or rather, won't be unless its above 50 degrees), trick your brain into thinking you live in a fresh green paradise. Try these 5 easy ways to go natural in the new year and enjoy the mood boosting benefits all year long.

1) Start a windowsill herb garden.

It smells great, tastes delicious, and doubles as a houseplant! Find a long wooden planter or cluster a few small pots you love, then pick your favorite varieties. Parsley, rosemary, thyme, mint, and oregano are hardier for winter and may fair better if your windows are drafty. Be sure to choose a sunny spot to offset the shorter days. Start from seeds or buy seedlings from the grocery store.

2) Branch out

A couple of interesting branches in a tall vase has the ability to surprise and delight you every time you enter the room. Unlike pricier flower arrangements, branches are inexpensive, draw your eye up creating height in the room, and last for many weeks. Grab a bunch of pussy willows, curly willow, or any branches that catch your eye in your backyard. Something so simple makes a dining table or front entrance table seem more special and takes zero effort.

3) Add unexpected pop with smaller plants

The heavy traffic areas of your home like the living room and kitchen often get the most attention in the decor department. But I like to create special little "moments" around the house with small plants and succulents. Tuck a few 1-2" plants in your bookcase, on top of your toilet tank, next to your bedside or on your dresser. The green will brighten up even a mundane space and make you stop and appreciate the little pop of nature. I like to make visitors do a double take with my most interesting vessels like fun animal planters or funky bud vases. (Fox planter: Chive Products visit www.chive.com)

4) Wreaths aren't just for Christmas

I strongly believe doors needs love all year round and I like creating pieces that capture the essence of the current season. In the winter, I enjoy working with dried foliage such as eucalyptus and olive as well as other botanicals like pussy willow, moss, and dried flowers to create a fresh, natural look that reminds me spring is around the corner. This pussy willow and curly willow wreath is a customer favorite. Be sure to check out our latest creations in our Etsy shop.

5) Create a terrarium for the whole family

My parents had a terrarium in a huge green glass bottle that lasted over 30 years! This 1970s staple is making a huge comeback and the reason is terrariums are fun! Kids and parents will enjoy picking the tiny plants, layering moss, rocks and soil, and watching their unique creation grow. For those who want the serenity of a terrarium without the work, most garden centers and many florists are now keeping them in stock. Choose an open container or a closed one (great for those with prying toddlers around). To learn more about building your own terrarium visit Laura LeBoutillier's YouTube channel Garden Answer for tons of how-tos.

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